Software Features


Geofence Address

It allows the creation of geographic boundaries around certain areas. When the boundary is set, fleet managers can receive automated alerts whenever a vehicle enters or leaves that marked territories.



The software reads data output from all kinds of sensors incorporated in the system. It then presents the info into meaning data charts and lets the users know the situation of the vehicle & its parts.



When the software detects any abnormal situation of the vehicle or if the vehicle enters or exits the geofence areas, it sends alerts through SMS, emails, software notifications, etc.



It keeps the log of maintenance schedules and let the users know when scheduled maintenance is due. It prevents unexpected downtimes, untimely maintenance, reduces maintenance costs, etc.



To reduce fuel consumption and prevent fuel thefts, it suggests optimized routes, alerts fleet managers about abnormal change in fuel level, tracks vehicle’s use after company’s working hours, etc.



Some good spoils when the temperature changes even slightly. To prevent spoilage, the software monitors temperature and sends alerts if the temperature is close to critical values.


Drive Behavior

The software analyzes driver’s behaviors taking notes of driving habits like over speeding, harsh braking, sharp cornering, over idling, etc. Such info can be used to increase safety and productivity.



Taking the data from all the sensors inside the vehicle, the software analyzes and determines the vehicle’s performance. It allows easy and hassle-free fleet tracking and remote diagnostics.

Any company that makes use of the vehicles to run their business requires a professional fleet management solution. Employing a fleet management system, vehicle owners and fleet managers can monitor the automobiles and track their activities. Taking note of the status of the vehicles and acting accordingly, fleet managers can reduce associated risks, boost system efficiency, and ensure productivity. So installing a GPS tracking device is the best way to find the whereabouts of the vehicles. However, fleet managers also need fleet management software to carefully monitor the vehicle and analyze the situation. So to make things simpler, E-fleet Care offers a feature-packed GPS fleet tracking software that allows easy vehicle monitoring, efficient fuel management, and effective fleet maintenance scheduling.

E-fleet Care: Reliable GPS Fleet Management Software

Be its delivery trucks, cargo logistics, or transportation system, tracking the vehicles is crucial. But you also require dedicated software to draw conclusions from the raw location data. And for that, E-fleet Care’s GPS fleet management software can come in handy. The software allows monitoring the vehicle’s situation remotely through smartphones, tablets/iPads, and computers. The software is recognized as one of the best fleet management GPS tracking software because of its following specialties.

User-friendly User Interface (UI)

The software has a clean and clutter-free user interface (UI). It is easy to browse and features can be accessed easily. Because of its user-friendly UI, fleet managers can gather plenty of information without browsing and navigating much.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Irrespective of the size of the fleet, the software allows users to find the whereabouts of all the vehicles in real-time. It also segregates the running, idle, stopped, and inactive vehicles in the fleet. So the fleet managers take appropriate actions to reduce over idling of vehicles during working hours and misuse of vehicles after the working hours.

Safety and Security

Among all the means of transportation, land transport is the most unsafe. Every day, we get to hear a number of cars, trucks, and buses running into an accident. And driving behavior of the drivers is the root cause of such misfortunate events. So to ensure the safety of the drivers and those around them, the software incessantly records driver’s driving behaviors. It takes note of over speeding, over idling, harsh braking, and sharp cornering among others. Since over speeding has been the major cause of accidents in recent times, our online fleet management software pays special attention to it. It precisely records the over speeding data including the maximum speed and number of times over-sped over a certain time.

Temperature Monitoring

Especially in the cargo and food delivery services, the companies need to be concerned about the damages and spoilage of goods due to the temperature variations. This can be an alarming condition if there are no temperature monitoring systems. But by integrating a temperature sensor, fleet managers can remain updated about the goods’ temperature and their wellness.

Effective Fuel Management

In a fleet, the running costs are most determined by expenses on the fuel. So to ensure fuel efficiency and profitability, E-fleet Care’s fleet fuel management software has some smart features on its shelves. The software relentlessly monitors the fuel levels at all


This feature allows fleet managers to create geographic boundaries around certain areas. When the boundary is set, fleet managers can receive automated alerts whenever a vehicle enters or leaves that marked territory.

Alerts and Notifications

The software also sends alerts and notifications during the situations, which requires immediate attention from fleet managers and drivers. It sends notifications when your asset enters or leaves the geo-zone, if it’s speeding, or if it’s stopovers. You’ll also get SOS alarms if get stolen. And the software further helps you to turn on/off the engine remotely through the software. You can get these kinds of alerts and notifications via emails, SMS in mobiles, or notifications in the software.

History and Reports

Tracking the history of the drivers and vehicles is easy with this software. It stores the information for over a year so if you need any past data or information, you can get it in a hassle-free way. As all these data are stored in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about misplacing or deleting them. Also, these kinds of data allow you to make comprehensive reports and compare system performance.

Easy to Track and Monitor Remotely

Any device with an internet connection can easily monitor the aforementioned data. You can use your computers, smartphones, and iPads/tablets to monitor the vehicle’s status from any corner of the world.