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smart fleet management solution

Fleet Management device: Managing vehicles in businesses and organizations can be full of hassles. Things start to get even more complicated, costly, and time-consuming as the fleet grows in size. The Fleet management system has responsibilities like tracking the vehicle, driver management, maintenance scheduling, registration renewals, and operational costs.  Taking note of all these data, recording them, and acting timely and suitably is indeed a difficult job.

Vehicles can get costly at the time of the purchase. And giving access and full control of these kinds of expensive items can be full of risks. The risk can turn into stress in no time if the drivers are reckless or non-trustworthy. Without proper management, things can easily go out of hand. So to ease things up, we brought an easy and smart fleet management system. To help you manage company vehicles, keep track of them, improve their efficiency, control costs, manage drivers, and improve business operations, we have introduced a smart fleet management device named E-fleet Care.

E-fleet Care: A smart fleet management solution

In an organization, cost-effectiveness and productivity is always a matter of concern. In organizations with big fleets, improper maintenance of fleets can result in high operating costs and an unproductive work environment. Due to inefficient management, sometimes, even some legal issues can chip in. As a smart solution to all the above problems, E-fleet Care ensures easy and hassle-free fleet management. Some of its important features can be noted as follows:

GPS vehicle tracking

GPS tracking is an essential feature of the fleet management system. Likewise, the primary feature of E-fleet Care’s fleet management device is to track the location of the vehicle in real-time with absolute accuracy. The device tracks every movement of the vehicle, know its exact location, find from where the journey began, where the ride takes a halt, and for how long. This surely helps to improve the productivity of service and at the same time customer experience. When you can track the location of the vehicles and their movement, you can use this information to inform customers about the arrival of the vehicle.

To make your service more cost-effective, you can add sensors that detect fuel-levels, open doors, and more. Even with such additional sensing devices, E-fleet Care’s fleet management device will operate with a similar level of efficiency and accuracy.

Driver behavior analysis

The behavior of the drivers and their driving habits can affect your service. It can take your business to new heights or steep downhill. That’s more so if you are into school transportation or ride-sharing services. So like all the best fleet management systems, E-fleet flaunts this most sought-after feature.

With the driver behavior analysis module, you can analyze acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, over idling, among others. By keeping track of these data, the fleet management department can comment on driver’s riding habits, give feedback to the drivers, and help them correct such habits. This can help to prevent accidents in the future. Careful riding habits can also save organizations from legal troubles, which can arise from the reckless habits of the drivers. It also helps to reduce fuel cost, maintenance cost, and downtimes, which ultimately gives rise to system efficiency.

Efficient Fuel management

Fuel costs contribute to a large part of operational costs in a vehicle. So one of the important jobs of the fleet managers to ensure efficient fuel management. With E-fleet Care, you can monitor the fuel level in real-time at any hour of the day. This gives an idea about how often vehicles are being refueled and drained. This information can help you identify fuel leaks and theft quickly.

Route planning and monitoring

There can numerous routes to reach a destination. Among all the available routes, E-fleet Care helps you by analyzing the most optimized route, which is fuel-efficient and timesaving at the same time. This indeed helps to increase system efficiency and increases productivity. At the same time, customers will get to enjoy faster arrival times and a better customer experience.

Tracking your vehicles now at your fingertips

E-fleet Care ensures an easy and convenient fleet monitoring system. With E-fleet, you can get to witness not only the real-time location of the vehicle and fuel level but also get to analyze the past few months of data. With all these data on the table, you can pinpoint the problems and challenges in your service and make necessary additions and amendments in the future. And you don’t have to break into a sweat to pull all these data. You can access it easily through a computer or a smartphone by using our software. To make it easier to understand the information, note the trend, and to help you draw a conclusion, we display the data in the form of numbers, graphs, and charts. So with E-fleet Care at your service, you will just be a few clicks away from an efficient vehicle management system. You will have all the required information right at your fingertips.


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