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Having service vehicles in an organization eases many things up. It ensures easy commutes, easy transportation, and easy delivery of services. Carrier and delivery services can barely keep their business running without vehicles. So it’s crucial to have vehicles for many business organizations out there. But what’s even more important is the careful management of those vehicles.

Important business parameters like vehicle and driver’s safety, system efficiency, and profitability depend on the careful management of these vehicles. So for easy and hassle-free fleet vehicle tracking, we brought E-fleet Care, a smart fleet tracking system.

Integrated with a GPS fleet tracking system, E-fleet Care helps fleet managers keep an eye on their vehicles 24/7. The GPS tracker in the fleet management system sends vehicle location in a continuous fashion. So fleet managers can monitor all vehicles in the system in real-time.

E-fleet Care’s GPS Fleet Tracking System

Global Positioning System (GPS) has been around for quite a while now. With advancements in technology, its use is getting mainstream. Many GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software appeared in the market over the years. However, most of them failed to locate the vehicle’s position precisely. Among the bunch, some were also unable to send location information to the vehicle back to the fleet managers. But standing out from the rest, E-fleet Care’s GPS fleet tracking system precisely locates the vehicle in real-time. And at the same time, the tracking system continuously sends the location information back to the fleet managers.

What makes our tracking system the most noteworthy of all is that we let you track all the fleet remotely. Fleet managers can keep an eye on the fleet vehicles from computers, smartphones, or tablets. With continuous monitoring, you will not just be able to track and locate your asset but also monitor fuel usage, driver’s behavior, and temperature status inside the vehicle.


Tracking the location of the vehicle in real-time is the primary feature of E-fleet Care’s tracking system. In addition to up-to-the-minute updates on location and speed, the software also submits detailed reports on vehicle startup, acceleration, harsh braking, cornering, usage during unauthorized hours, and long breaks during working hours. In abnormal situations, the software also sends alerts and notifications to the fleet managers and drivers. With these features, our fleet vehicle tracking software can be employed for the following.

Personal Vehicle GPS Tracking

If you are concerned about the theft of your personal vehicles, you can ensure their safety by employing a GPS tracker. We have a GPS tracker for cars and a GPS tracker for bikes with which you can pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle. In addition to keeping you safe from the theft of the vehicle, it will also help you monitor the driver’s habit. If you are lending your vehicle to a teenager, you can monitor and coach driving habits. You can employ the device on the following kinds of vehicles irrespective of their brand and models.

  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Crossovers
  • Vans
  • RVs
  • Trucks

Truck Tracking

Trucks are the usual means of transport when it comes to delivering goods and services from place to place. Where there is a large number of goods to deliver, the route taken for delivery has an impact on service efficiency. If the route is long and traffic jams are frequent, it will take time for the delivery. The vehicles also consume a larger amount of fuel in such situations. So to deliver products/services on time, monitor and reduce fuel consumption, and monitor driver behavior to improve safety and efficiency, GPS tracking of trucks is essential. Ensuring the aforementioned features, E-fleet Care provides easy and hassle-free tracking of the following kinds of trucks.

  • Semi-trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Food trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Service vehicles
  • Tow trucks

Fleet Vehicles Tracking

Manual tracking and monitoring of fleet vehicles can be cumbersome. And the complexity increases if there is a large bunch of fleet vehicles to manage. But E-fleet Care’s GPS fleet tracker makes things easy for you. It will help you avoid fuel theft and vehicle theft, helps to plan an optimized route for travel, monitor driver behavior and safety habits, finds the best ways to increase fuel and system efficiency, all in a hassle-free way. With E-fleet Care’s tracking device and software, you can track, monitor, and manage multiple vehicles. As we provide all these amazing features in a single tracking system, our system is employed by fleets in the following industries.

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Telecoms, etc.

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