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Best School Transportation Fleet Management System

When schools fail to provide timely and cost-effective student transportation, things only go downhill. Along with quality education, it’s only natural for parents to expect a school to deliver safe and secure transportation facilities for their kids. But managing a large number of vehicles can be too hectic for a school. Even with utmost attention and carefulness, few mistakes are bound to happen. To prevent this, the implementation of a fleet management system becomes mandatory.

Efleet Care allows school management to access the real-time location and status of the school bus on the digital map. The cloud-based software also sends alerts based on violations of any protocols. School management can also use this platform to know about any unauthorized usage of school vehicles. Since ward security is a major concern here, management can also keep track of student pickup and drop-off points. Using these data, schools can notify parents or guardians. Moreover, the school management can track any fuel theft or unethical driving traits like over speeding, harsh braking, and cornering to evaluate a driver behavior report. Then further actions can be taken accordingly to ensure maximum student safety and the longevity of the school vehicle.

Without the proper integration of a fleet management system into a school’s fleet, preventing misconducts, misuse and theft can be practically impossible.


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