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About Fleet Management Device In Transportation

Transportation of freight and even passengers from one place to another is a never-ending business model. Today transportation companies depend upon all kinds of vehicles from cars, vans, and trucks to ships, trains, and even airplanes. To reduce the distance between production and consumption, it is important to deploy all means of transportation. But with this diversity in vehicles, the consequent workload also increases as managing and keeping track of them all simultaneously can get strenuous. So implementing a fleet management system certainly becomes a necessity.

Efleet Care can help transportation companies manage their fleet effectively by installing trackers, sensors, and creating a cloud-based network. This way, fleet managers can regularly track important aspects like vehicle location, driver’s behavior, vehicle status, maintenance record, etc. Efleet Care even devises an optimal route plan so that the transportation of goods and passengers become as uninterruptible and quick as possible. E-fleet Care also provides an easy and hassle-free solution for vehicle inspection. This way, transportation companies will be able to avoid unscheduled maintenance, system failure, and prolonged downtime. With our advanced devices and software, you can make any sort of transportation as flawless as possible.


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