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Vehicle Inspection

Buying a vehicle is a big investment. In a fleet with a large number of vehicles, automobiles constitute the biggest share of the capital. Businesses and organizations only flourish when there is a good return on investment. Expecting the same, it’s only obvious to make the most out of the vehicles. However, the vehicles will only be able to perform well or give a smooth ride if the parts in them are in good working condition. Performing fleet vehicle inspections on a regular basis can help the management eliminate downtime and unscheduled maintenance. But the problem with the paper-based inspection is that it consumes quite a lot of time. At the same time, it’s error-prone as well. But E-fleet Care’s fleet vehicle inspection software offers easy and hassle-free vehicle inspections. It allows drivers to complete the inspection process in minutes using their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

E-fleet Care: A reliable fleet vehicle inspection app

When all the faults and weaknesses in the vehicles are found and fixed in time, the service life of the vehicle increases. If the vehicles are in good condition, it reduces decrease downtime. It also reduces the risks of sudden and unexpected failures in the vehicles. This ultimately helps to lower unscheduled fleet maintenance costs and eliminate expensive and unexpected repairs. With all these benefits, E-fleet Care’s fleet vehicle inspection app can be used for the following.

Heavy Vehicles Inspection

Heavy vehicles are costly during the time of purchase. As these kinds of vehicles have to handle bigger workloads, the parts in them get wear out and damage quite frequently. Repair and maintenance of these kinds of vehicles can be exorbitant. And if sudden failures occur in these kinds of vehicles, it might take a big toll on the company account. To prevent these kinds of unscheduled repairs and maintenance and to increase the vehicle’s service life, you will need reliable heavy vehicle inspection software. And that’s where E-fleet Care’s smart software chips in.

Uber Vehicles Inspection

Delivery and ride-sharing platforms have a large number of vehicles at their disposal. If a paper-based system is used for inspection, data handling, scheduling, and noting down the condition of the vehicle can be full of hassles, if not cumbersome. With a paper-based system at work and big data in hand, there will be risks of error and mismanagement of data. But you won’t have to worry about that in E-flee Care. Its Uber vehicle inspection software helps the fleet management department to easily handle data, monitor the situation of the vehicle, and helps to schedule repair and maintenance if need be.

How does E-fleet Care help?

System efficiency, profitability, and customer experience have a close connection with the vehicle’s condition. So to help establish a reliable fleet management system, we comply with all the electronic inspections and issue management systems. And this software brings the following benefits to the table.

Eliminates Paperwork

E-fleet Care helps build a digital ecosystem, which binds the management department and drivers in a single place. So there are fewer chances of errors and mismanagements of data during the operation. Users can submit information, add comments, and conduct inspections right through their smartphones, tablets, and communication. All the data entered are automatically saved in our cloud storage so you won’t lose any data. This way, our mobile vehicle inspection software saves your time and effort as compared to the paper-based inspection system.

Easy Scheduling and Alert for the Drivers

With all these data in hand, the software can schedule vehicles for routine maintenance. And when the inspections are due, it alerts the drivers about it. Moreover, inspection history is easily accessible. Taking the help of which, the drivers can produce necessary reports for law enforcement.

Addresses Issues Immediately

Sometimes, situations can get off the hand, which is rarely the case with E-fleet Care. But even in the dire situation when inspection criteria fail, users can take actions immediately without going through a strenuous administrative procedure. In such situations, all the administrators and responsible personnel are alerted. This helps to solve issues faster and the vehicles don’t have to remain idle for long.

E-fleet Care Mobile Vehicle Inspection: How it works

The working procedure of E-fleet Care’s mobile vehicle inspection app is broken down into the following steps:

Step-1: Data Input – When drivers inspect their vehicle, all the findings in the process can be input the data in E-fleet Care’s app via smartphone, tablet, or by using a web browser.

Step-2: Data Storage – All the gets stored in our cloud platform and anyone, who has access to the account can easily monitor it.

Step-3: Update after repairs and maintenance – Taking note of the data, E-fleet Care sends notifications when the maintenance schedule is due. Once the repairs and maintenance works conclude, users can update that as well.

Step-4: Finally, a road-ready vehicle – When all the repairs and maintenance works are carried out, the app considers the vehicle road-ready.


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