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smart fleet management solution

About Smart GPS Tracking Systems for Fleet Management

Easy operation and management of a fleet had been a challenge for a long time. Fleet managers were facing a tough to monitor the vehicles, coordinating them, and maintain an efficient fleet management system. Several unexpected and prolonged downtimes, misuse of vehicles, fuel thefts, accidents, and delivery goods spoilage was severely affecting companies.

We realized an immediate action needs to be taken to solve these kinds of issues with the fleet system. So we introduced E-fleet Care – a smart fleet management solution. It was in early 2015. And in these five long years of service, we helped several fleet managers, cargo systems, transport, and delivery services, car rental, and ride-sharing platforms to effectively maintain the vehicles and making the most out of them.

Smart Fleet Management Solution: Achieve Highest Efficiency & Maximum Profitability

The system essentially makes use of a GPS tracker, which keeps an eye on the vehicle 24/7. By tracking and monitoring every vehicle in a fleet, fleet managers can coordinate with the drivers and run it in a way that brings the best results to them.

E-fleet Care facilitates the fleet and cargo system for easy supervision of the vehicles. Fleet managers can keep track of all the vehicles remotely by using their smartphones, tablets, or computers. The GPS tracker precisely ascertains the vehicle’s position in real-time. The location information is then uploaded to the cloud. As all the information remains secure in our cloud-storage platform, there won’t be any chances of information manipulation or altering it.

The location tracker device continuously sends the vehicle information. This helps the fleet managers find out the acceleration of the vehicle, where it’s heading, where it took a break, and for how long, etc. The software also helps the fleet managers effectively analyze driver’s behavior taking special notes on over speeding, over idling, harsh braking, cornering, etc. By giving feedback and taking actions against unsafe and unhealthy habits, it’s possible to ensure the safety and security of the vehicle and the driver itself.

It also helps to prevent accidents, untimely wear out of the parts, and unexpected system downtime. This feature can also come in handy while handing over the automobile to the teenagers. Watching over their driving habits, you can effectively coach them as well. Incorporating a fuel card system, one can also avoid fuel thefts, which helps to improve fuel efficiency.

Moreover, by making use of its temperature-monitoring feature, fleet managers can also avoid spoilage of temperature-sensitive products. So using our smart fleet management system to the fullest, one can achieve the highest efficiency and maximum profitability.

E-fleet Care: Always At Your Service

We, at E-fleet Care, help your fleet and your business realize their potential. And our sedulous staff will guide you through all the process and counsel, which one would be the right solution for you taking note of your fleet condition. In addition to the usual guide and counseling, we also train your team to incorporate our system, use it, and make the most out of it.

We value our customers greatly and always toil to ensure their satisfaction. So be before or after the installation of E-fleet Care’s smart fleet management system, we always revert to you if you have any queries or inquiries. So contact us today and find out why customer loves our products.

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Our Service:

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking is an essential feature of a fleet management system. Likewise, the primary feature of efleet Care software is to track the location of the vehicle in real-time with absolute accuracy. The software tracks every movement of the vehicle, know its exact location, find from where the journey began, where the ride takes a halt, and for how long. This surely helps to improve the productivity of the service and at the same time customer experience. When you can track the location of the vehicles and their movement, you can use this information to inform customers about the arrival of the vehicle.

To make your service more cost-effective, you can add sensors that detect fuel-levels, open doors, and more. Even with such additional sensing devices, efleet care software will operate with a similar level of efficiency and accuracy.


Driver Behavior Analysis

The behavior of the drivers and their driving habits can affect your service. It can take your business to new heights or steep downhill. That’s more so if you are into school transportation or ride-sharing services. So like all the best fleet management systems, efleet care flaunts this most sought-after feature.

With the driver behavior analysis module, you can analyze acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, over idling, among others. By keeping track of these data, the fleet management department can comment on driver’s riding habits, give feedback to the drivers, and help them correct such habits. This can help to prevent accidents in the future. Careful riding habits can also save organizations from legal troubles, which can arise from the reckless habits of the drivers. It also helps to reduce fuel cost, maintenance cost, and downtimes, which ultimately gives rise to system efficiency.

Efficient Fuel Management

Fuel costs contribute to a large part of operational costs in a vehicle. So one of the important jobs of the fleet managers to ensure efficient fuel management. With efleet care, you can monitor the fuel level in real-time at any hour of the day. This gives an idea about how often vehicles are being refueled and drained. This information can help you identify fuel leaks and theft quickly.


Route Planning and Monitoring

There can numerous routes to reach a destination. Among all the available routes, efleet care helps you analyze the optimized route, which is fuel-efficient and timesaving at the same time. This indeed helps to increase system efficiency and increases productivity. At the same time, customers will get to enjoy faster arrival times and better customer experience.

Tracking Your Vehicles Now At Your Fingertips

efleet care ensures an easy and convenient fleet monitoring system. With efleet care, you can get to witness not only the real-time location of the vehicle and fuel level but also get to analyze the past few months of data. With all these data on the table, you can pinpoint the problems and challenges in your service and make necessary additions and amendments in the future. And you don’t have to break into a sweat to pull all these data. You can access it easily through a computer or a smartphone by using our software. To make it easier to understand the information, note the trend, and to help you draw a conclusion, we display the data in the form of numbers, graphs, and charts. So with E-fleet Care at your service, you will just be a few clicks away from an efficient vehicle management system. You will have all the required information right at your fingertips.