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As there can be numerous ways to answer a question, there can also be several different routes to reach a destination. Each route may have its specialty and quirkiness. People may value scenic beauty on the roadside and the adventures in the road while choosing a route. But in the fleet system, system efficiency, cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and time is valued more than that. If there is a large number of vehicles in the fleet, even the small inefficiencies can add up quickly. So vehicle route planning is really important in a fleet system. And as a smart fleet route planning software, E-fleet Care offers reliable GPS fleet tracking and route optimization for all sorts of vehicles.

E-fleet Care: A smart vehicle route planning software

The fleet management system has the responsibility to increase the productivity and performance of the system keeping the safety of drivers and the vehicles in check. Although most of it depends on the driver’s behavior, things can go a different route if the wrong path is chosen for the destination.

A route can be considered suitable for the ride if the condition of the road, traffic, distance, etc. is favorable for the ride. Although distance remains constant all the time, factors like the condition of the road, traffic condition, weather condition, and suitability for the ride, etc. are the ever-changing parameters. Taking all these factors into consideration and manually estimating the optimized route for travel is not feasible or reliable in all cases. On top of unreliability, it’s time-consuming and effortful.

With E-fleet Care at your disposal, you can do that in a hassle-free way. We offer a smart vehicle route planning solution for all kinds of vehicles. Our vehicle route planning software is based on GPS-based tracking. So it tracks the location of the vehicle in real-time. So after inputting the destination, the software considers all the possible routes to reach the destination. The software checks the feasibility of all the routes and finds which route has the shortest distance, takes less time and fuel, condition of the road and traffic condition, etc. With all these factors considered, the software suggests the best possible route for travel.

Features of Our Fleet Route Planning Software

Our fleet route planning software uses powerful optimization logic that considers all the parameters that drive your business. As our route planning tool handles a broader spectrum of business parameters, it helps you achieve your business goals by reducing cost, saving time, and increasing customer satisfaction.

The software also needs to be easy for users to use, understand, and navigate. To make sure of it, E-fleet Care embraces an ergonomic and intuitive user interface. So even the person without an IT background can easily browse, understand, and navigate the features in it. With an intuitive design, the user experience can surely get better. And this can help the users to adapt to the system easily and produce the required results in a short period of time.

The location of the vehicle in real-time, possible routes, and the optimized route for the travel are all displayed on a map. To avoid any confusion and misinformation, the software shows a high-resolution map. In addition to that, the software also has a swift and powerful system rendering ability.

Benefits of using Route Planning tool in Fleet Management System

E-fleet Care is growing as one of the best apps to plan running routes for the vehicles in a fleet management system. It helps to increase productivity, efficiency, by saving time and money. The following are some of the important benefits of our route-planning tool.

Saves Your Time

The software helps you identify the optimum route for the travel taking note of the distance, road condition, traffic condition, weather condition, etc. Taking account of these factors, this route planning software pinpoints the most favorable route for the ride. When the rider has a short road to travel and doesn’t have to worry about the traffic, they can reach the destination in a short time. And this saves quite a lot of time.

Saves Fuel

Higher the distance, higher fuel consumption, and vice versa. Distance is one of the major factors to identify the optimum path. So when the distance is short, the fuel consumption of the vehicle will be under the limits. But the software also considers factors like road condition and only select the route that does not take a toll on the fuel tank.

Decreased Running Cost, Increased Profitability, and Increased Efficiency

With low fuel consumption, the total fuel cost of the system decreases. When a task completes quickly, the employees can perform more tasks in a short time. So by employing our vehicle route planning software, organizations can decrease their running cost, increase profitability, and increase system efficiency.

Improved Customer Experience

When the company is able to save time and money, it reflects on the customers’ end as well. With fleet drivers identify the optimized route; it saves their time and money. This way, the time of delivery will be less and delivery charges decrease. And these factors help to improve customer satisfaction.

Safety and Security

As the software gives special attention to the weather condition, road conditions, and traffic conditions in all the routes, this can help in driver’s safety and vehicle security. In rainy, snowy, and foggy conditions, there are higher chances of accidents. Furthermore, when the road condition aggravates, there is also a higher chance of such unfavorable incidents. E-fleet Care, on the other hand, helps to avoid such a misfortunate situation by ensuring the safety and security of drivers, passengers, or the goods inside, and the vehicle itself.


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