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Fleet Maintenance

Vehicles being an integral part of the fleet system need the utmost care to maintain a productive business. Without proper attention to the vehicle’s condition and its maintenance, it put employees’ safety at risk. There will also be chances of costly emergency repairs and unplanned downtime. And this can make big impacts on system efficiency, profitability, and customer experience. Fleet maintenance being the most crucial part of the fleet management system, we have brought an easy solution to all these problems. E-fleet Care’s smart fleet maintenance management software will help easy, hassle-free yet advanced fleet maintenance.

What is fleet maintenance?

Fleet maintenance is the process of keeping all the vehicles in fit and good working condition. This ensures the safety and security of vehicles and drivers. With timely fleet maintenance, individuals can maintain their vehicles in an optimum condition to ride on the road.

Since prevention is better than cure, maintaining vehicles in an optimum condition will avoid unscheduled maintenance, system failure, and prolonged downtime. With this, customers can get the products and services in time, which also helps to improve customer experience.

E-fleet Care: A smart fleet maintenance management software

In a fleet system, vehicles’ health is an organization’s wealth. So keeping the vehicle in a good condition can indeed prolong its service time. This way, car owners can also make the most out of their vehicles. However, regular fleet inspection and keeping track of maintenance is a strenuous job. Handling all these data in a paper-based system can also give rise to a lot of problems. Not to mention, the mishandling of the data can bring the entire system into chaos. To ease this dire situation, E-fleet Care’s smart fleet maintenance management software chips in.

Without a proper maintenance system, fleet vehicles can suffer unexpected wear and tear and breakdown of the parts. This definitely increases the chances of service interruption and waste of employees’ time. And this decline in productivity can cause heavy losses to the organization. That’s not all. It also puts vehicle and drivers’ safety at risk. But E-fleet Care keeps all these risks and issues at bay. Sidelining all these risks, helps you build an efficient fleet maintenance management system.

How does it work?

E-fleet Care comes with a GPS tracking feature. The location of the vehicle, the start of the journey, place of halt, the period of a break, etc. can be monitored in real-time. It also records these kinds of data over the past few weeks. Furthermore, the software analyzes drivers’ behavior by carefully keeping track of the vehicle’s acceleration, harsh braking, cornering, etc. The driver’s behavior plays a big role in the health of vehicles. So taking actions against the unhealthy habits of drivers, fleet owners can prevent wear and tear and damages in the vehicle and extending its service life.

The software keeps detailed information on the status and condition of every vehicle in the fleet. With these data in hand, the software analyzes and alert managers if there are any potential problems. This helps to prevent the vehicle’s condition from getting serious or the system from getting out of hand.

E-fleet Care also provides an easy and hassle-free solution for vehicle inspection. Users can input their vehicle’s findings and store the data in our cloud storage. Users can input the data in a hassle-free way using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Analyzing the data, the software also alerts the fleet owners when the scheduled maintenance is due. This also aids to build an efficient fleet maintenance system.

Build an advanced fleet maintenance management system

Manual and paper-based fleet maintenance can bring a lot of complications to the system. But tackling these issues, E-fleet Care helps you build an advanced fleet maintenance management system. With this advanced fleet management system at work, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Prolongs vehicle’s service life

If we know when to carry out routine maintenance and perform car and truck fleet maintenance in a timely fashion, the vehicle can last longer.

Ensures safety and security of vehicle and drivers

Vehicles with damaged and worn out parts are prone to breakdown. This can invite accidents putting vehicle and driver’s health at risk. A well-maintained vehicle puts these kinds of risks at bay.

Prevents unexpected maintenance and unscheduled downtime

If fleet vehicles are maintained in good condition, there are fewer chances of unexpected failures. This helps to circumvent unexpected downtimes.

Customer Satisfaction

Well-maintained vehicles have fewer chances of unexpected failures. So the vehicles can barely run into problems when it’s out in the service. This ensures timely service on customers’ end, which ultimately contributes to customer satisfaction.

Increases system efficiency and profitability

By performing routine maintenance in a timely fashion, fleet managers can keep their vehicles in optimum condition. And a well-maintained vehicle is efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. A poorly-maintained engine can devour up to 50% more fuel than a well-maintained vehicle. Similarly, if the vehicle has underinflated tires, it reduces the mileage of up to 10%. That’s only about the engines and tires. So a properly maintained vehicle reduces untimely repairs, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces system downtime. Furthermore, well-maintained vehicles get better resale value. This way, our truck fleet maintenance software helps build an efficient system and increases profitability.


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