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Fleet Management System For Delivery Services In Australia

Companies and businesses that deliver goods and services require a fleet management system more than anyone else. Since these companies rely on a large number of actively running vehicles all the time, managing them can get difficult and errors are bound to go down. Sometimes even small errors like mishandled shipments may negatively affect a company and its reputation. To prevent such errors and maybe even misuse of delivery vehicles, fleet management must be integrated into the delivery system (collectively referred to as delivery management system).

Efleet Care’s cloud-based trackers, sensors, and real-time updating system make it easier for managers to track their delivery vehicles. Our fleet vehicle management system enables logistics firms to track deliveries using satellite technology. If the vehicle is carrying temperature-sensitive goods like food, temperature sensors can warn drivers and managers about approaching critical temperature. This way, necessary actions can be taken immediately. Moreover, vehicle misuse, careless driving, fuel theft, etc are major problems faced by delivery services. Efleet care has solutions to tackle all these problems and even more. Sometimes busy routes can also hinder customer satisfaction. Efleet Care helps tackle this problem by devising an optimal route plan. Our sophisticated system devises a driver behavior report by analyzing driving traits like idling, speeding, braking, cornering, etc., and even recommends necessary actions that need to be taken. Efleet Care can be the one-stop solution for all your fleet-related problem


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