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Best Car Rental Management Software

Best Car Rental Management Software In Australia

It’s a no brainer that people rent vehicles almost every day for a long vacation trip or even their daily commute. Since not everyone can afford a new car, renting is the most practical and cost-effective solution. Any car rental company that utilizes a large fleet, should be able to bear all the consequent workload of managing and tracking the rented vehicles.

A fleet management system like Efleet Care makes things easier by tracking vehicles in real-time and updating vehicle reports to a cloud-based server. One of the biggest issues in managing a fleet for car rental services is managing the buffer time between consecutive bookings. But with Efleet Care, you can easily allocate certain buffer time and notify customers about it. Keeping track of vehicles is equally essential in rental service.

Without a proper tracking system, vehicles might get misused, mishandled, or even stolen. E-fleet Care’s fleet management system tracks and warns drivers and managers about immoral driving traits like overspeeding, harsh braking and cornering, etc. Other important metrics like vehicle servicing, approaching critical temperature, etc are also duly noted.

Integrating Efleet Care’s fleet management software into your car rental business enhances the customer experience and ensures cost reduction via task optimization.


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