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Temperature Monitoring

The favorability of driving vehicles also depends on temperature. If vehicles are carrying temperature-sensitive goods, it can get spoiled if the temperature is beyond the limits. Any spoilage of goods during the time of travel can cost the organization heavily. So the utmost attention needs to be given when the vehicles have to carry perishable assets. Fleet vehicle temperature tracking with manually inputted temperature is error-prone. It’s not efficient either. It requires drivers to frequently pulling over the vehicle, checking the temperature, and reporting it. The situation can be aggravating if the driver is dishonest and report incorrect temperatures. This kind of system will be unreliable and can be disastrous on both customers and fleet owner’s end. But with E-fleet Care’s fleet temperature monitoring system, you can protect your perishable assets and optimize system operations, irrespective of the weather condition.

E-fleet Care: Smart Fleet Temperature Monitoring Software

E-fleet Care’s smart fleet temperature monitoring software works in accordance with fleet tracking devices. The tracking device sends the temperature inside the vehicle, which can be viewed remotely by using E-fleet Care’s software. To make monitoring easy and hassle-free, we have introduced apps for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Whenever the vehicle leaves for the delivery, the temperature situation inside it can be monitored in real-time. If the temperature is close to critical values, the software automatically alerts the driver. This helps the driver and fleet management department take corrective actions on time.

Receive Fleet Temperature Tracking Reports in Real-Time

Refrigerated or reefer trucks already have a temperature tracking system. But the problem is, the temperature condition can be only monitored inside the vehicle. Since the fleet managers are unable to keep an eye on the temperature, the system lacks transparency. Goods can also spoil if the driver fails to take action immediately or communicate with fleet managers. By integrating temperature-tracking devices inside the vehicle, fleet owners can monitor temperatures in real-time. In addition to temperature levels, fleet managers can monitor the following data 24/7.

  • Humidity levels
  • Defrost cycles
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Doors opening and closing
  • Power fluctuations or disconnections

Food Truck Temperature Monitoring Software

Foods are one of the items that get spoiled easily when the temperature is off the limits. Without a proper temperature monitoring system, food delivery services have to bear with the food spoilage. There are many food delivery services that have to deal with losses on a regular basis due to food wastage. But with our food truck temperature monitoring software, you don’t have to worry about food spoilage anymore.

The food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a strict policy regarding food safety. Since food is connected with human health, keeping food edible is the prime responsibility of food delivery services. Taking note of this pressing concern, we have built a system that measures temperature with absolute precision. It’s also capable of sending measure data wirelessly and display it on screens at low latency.

How does it work?

E-fleet Care’s temperature trackers and cloud-based software make it easy to monitor and record continuous temperature data.

To be able to track and monitor temperature data, E-fleet Care’s fleet management device with temperature trackers need to be installed on the fleet vehicles. The temperature trackers record temperature data with absolute precision and send the data wirelessly. The data stores in E-fleet Care’s cloud-based storage. Using the browser and smartphone apps, fleet managers and drivers can view all these data in real-time. Since the trackers continuously record data and upload it in cloud storage, the fleet manager can monitor temperature fluctuation in the vehicle throughout the journey.

Taking note of the temperature-sensitivity of the perishable assets, fleet managers can also set temperature limits. When the good is close to a critical temperature, the software sends alerts and notifications to the fleet managers and drivers. This way, suitable and careful actions can be taken before it’s too late.

Benefits of E-fleet Care’s Fleet Temperature Monitoring System

Although the tracking system is simple, straightforward, and hassle-free, it comes with tons of benefits. And some of its benefits are mentioned below.

Cost Control:  In case of spoilage, carriers usually have to compensate for the goods on their own. But with the temperature tracking system, this kind of situation will come under control. This way, carrier service can control their cost and this kind of unexpected loss.

Waste Management: When goods spoil during the delivery time, it would be the responsibility of carrier services to dispose of them safely. And it can get costly while disposing of the goods in an eco-friendly way.

Efficient System: With a reliable temperature tracking system, carriers can circumvent good spoilage compensation cost and the cost for its safe disposal. Also, the time and effort of vehicle drivers and other connected personnel won’t go in vain. This helps to build an efficient system.

Customer Satisfaction: When customers get the goods they desired in good working condition, they can get satisfied with the service. It also increases brand and service goodwill.


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