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best location tracking device for car truck fleet vehicles

Be it transportation of goods or delivery of products and services, vehicles have importance for businesses and organizations. And for the smooth operation of the organization, finding the whereabouts of the vehicles, drivers, and concerned employees is quite crucial. So to help you through proper fleet maintenance, tracking, and locating personal and fleet vehicles, E-fleet Care has introduced a smart location tracking device. In addition to vehicles, it helps users to keep track of heavy equipment, machineries, and other mobile assets. You can now keep an eye on the vehicles 24/7, monitor their usage in real-time, and prevent their misuse and theft.

E-fleet Care’s Fleet Location Tracking Device

Giving a call to a driver to know the location of the vehicle and noting it down in the spreadsheet can be full of hassles. Since there are lots of vehicles in a fleet, keeping track of all the vehicles this way requires a big number of employees. It also puts drivers in jeopardy. Receiving calls to notify the fleet while riding the vehicle can be dangerous. Pulling over the vehicle can be less dangerous but it increases downtime and decreases system efficiency.

As a solution to all these problems, we brought a smart fleet management tool. With E-fleet Care’s location tracking device, you can keep an eye on your vehicle all the time. It also helps you increase system efficiency and profitability.

Locate your fleet vehicles in real-time, monitor them 24/7

The fleet management system essentially requires a device to track vehicle location and software.  The device is equipped in the vehicle or any of your mobile assets. It consists of a GPS tracker with which users can find the location of the vehicle in real-time. The device automatically sends location data to our cloud-based storage platform, where it is stored.

Since all the data are stored in the cloud, there is no chance of misplacing the data or altering it manually. Fleet managers or vehicle owners can find the location of their vehicles by using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Using our web-based platform and apps, E-fleet Care can always keep an eye on their vehicles.

Benefits of vehicle location tracking device

E-fleet Care’s vehicle location tracking device makes managing fleet and personal vehicles easy and hassle-free. Not to mention, it saves quite a lot of time when compared to a paper-based manual fleet management system. On top of that, our fleet monitoring system offers several other benefits.

Accurately locating vehicles in real-time

The device consists of a sophisticated GPS tracker. It can indeed track the position of the vehicle in real-time. But what makes it better is that the track can locate the vehicle with absolute accuracy and lower latency. Furthermore, the device takes note of every movement of the vehicle, find from where the journey began, where the ride takes a halt, and duration of the break.

With these data in hand, fleet managers can discover how the vehicle is being used during the working hours. It also helps to avoid any misuse of the vehicle. Fleet managers also don’t have to worry about its theft.

Driver behavior analysis

The system is also capable of analyzing drivers’ behaviors by carefully taking notes of their driving patterns. Driver behavior is a determining factor for many businesses and services out there. And that’s more so in the case of ride-sharing apps like Uber and school transportation.

Unhealthy driving habits not just affect the system efficiency but also put vehicles and drivers’ life in jeopardy. Improper handling of vehicles also causes rapid wear and tear of the parts and untimely damages. However, with E-fleet Care’s fleet monitoring system, you can circumvent such problems and extend the service life of the vehicles.

The device and the embedded software analyzes acceleration, speed, harsh braking, cornering, over idling, among others. With these data in hand, the fleet management department can give suitable feedback to improve their driving habits. This feature can also come in handy if you are handing your vehicle to a teenager to learn. Analyzing the driving pattern, you can coach them as well.

By providing proper feedbacks to the drivers and by taking suitable actions, fleet managers can prevent accidents as well. Careful riding habits can also save organizations from legal troubles, which can arise from the reckless habits of the drivers. Furthermore, it helps to reduce fuel costs and downtimes, which ultimately helps to improve system efficiency.

Efficient Fuel management

Haphazard use of the vehicles can consume gasoline dearly. And this kind of habit can soar up the running cost of a big fleet. But E-fleet Care helps build an efficacious system with efficient fuel management. By analyzing drivers’ behaviors and helping them correct the unhealthy ones, fleet managers can control fuel consumption to some extent. By integrating fuel cards, you can monitor the fuel level from our software 24/7. The software gives special attention while refueling and draining the vehicles. It also finds any abnormal fluctuations in the level and alerts the drivers and fleet managers with a notification. So the burning issues like fuel leaks and fuel thefts can be addressed really fast.

Route planning and monitoring

Sometimes vehicles have to stop by different places to pick up the supplies or to deliver the products. And there can be different routes to choose by. Among all the possible routes, E-fleet Care helps you choose the optimum route that takes the least time for the ride and consume the least amount of fuel.

For that, the software analyzes the determining parameters like distance, road condition, traffic condition, etc. This way, the software helps to increase system efficiency. Customers can also enjoy faster arrival times and a better customer experience. This way, the products, and services reach customers’ end really fast, which ultimately ensures a better customer experience.


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