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Fleet Management Features and Benefits

E-Fleet Care offers a reliable and smart solution to all fleet-related problems. It offers easy and hassle-free fleet management for tens to tens of thousands of vehicles. Now you have the power to increase system efficiency and profitability and to save time and money right at your fingertips.

Vehicle Inspection

Buying a vehicle is a big investment. In a fleet with a large number of vehicles, automobiles constitute the biggest share of the capital. Businesses and organizations only flourish when there is a good return on investment. Expecting the same, it’s only obvious to make the most out of the vehicles. However, the vehicles will only be able to perform well or give a smooth ride if the parts in them are in good working condition. Performing fleet vehicle inspections on a regular basis can help the management eliminate downtime and unscheduled maintenance. But the problem with the paper-based inspection…


Route Planning

As there can be numerous ways to answer a question, there can also be several different routes to reach a destination. Each route may have its specialty and quirkiness. People may value scenic beauty on the roadside and the adventures in the road while choosing a route. But in the fleet system, system efficiency, cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and time is valued more than that. If there is a large number of vehicles in the fleet, even the small inefficiencies can add up quickly. So vehicle route planning is really important in a fleet system. And as a smart fleet route…


Temperature Monitoring

The favorability of driving vehicles also depends on temperature. If vehicles are carrying temperature-sensitive goods, it can get spoiled if the temperature is beyond the limits. Any spoilage of goods during the time of travel can cost the organization heavily. So the utmost attention needs to be given when the vehicles have to carry perishable assets. Fleet vehicle temperature tracking with manually inputted temperature is error-prone. It’s not efficient either. It requires drivers to frequently pulling over the vehicle, checking the temperature, and reporting it. The situation can be aggravating if the driver is dishonest and report incorrect temperatures. This…


Driver Behavior

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. In a fleet, if management leaves the drivers free and unmonitored, the drivers can get out of hand. When the fleet drivers are justifyungoverned, the system can run into anarchy in no time. It not just puts vehicle and driver’s safety in jeopardy but also affects the quality of service. Occasional fleet driver safety training may do some tricks to reduce safety concerns. But one can barely rely on it fully. Apart from safety, there will always be concerns about fuel theft and misuse of vehicles. In the agreement between the fleet…


Fuel Management

Energy, like the Biblical grain of mustard seed, will move mountains. As Hosea Ballou said, all it takes is energy to do the works of any kind; be it a moving mountain or running a vehicle. In vehicles, this energy is supplied by fuels. Depending on their type, vehicles either consume petrol, diesel, or electricity to keep its engine running. Fuel also constitutes the major expense while operating a vehicle. That is more so in the case of the fleet. Improper fuel management of fleet can skyrocket your expenses in no time. The efficiency of the fleet and the whole…


Fleet Maintenance

Vehicles being an integral part of the fleet system need the utmost care to maintain a productive business. Without proper attention to the vehicle’s condition and its maintenance, it put employees’ safety at risk. There will also be chances of costly emergency repairs and unplanned downtime. And this can make big impacts on system efficiency, profitability, and customer experience. Fleet maintenance being the most crucial part of the fleet management system, we have brought an easy solution to all these problems. E-fleet Care’s smart fleet maintenance management software will help easy, hassle-free yet advanced fleet maintenance. What is fleet maintenance?…


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