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driver tracking device | best apps for tracking teenage drivers

Despite having highly qualified fleet managers and sophisticated fleet vehicles, it’s actually the drivers whose work determines the safety, profit, and efficiency of the system. So drivers being important of the fleet system, special care must be given to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the system. But fleet driver tracking and monitoring their behavior continuously is not an easy job. Frequently and directly communicating with the drivers is not a solution either. It can hinder fleet driver safety and put them in jeopardy. So for an easy and hassle-free solution, E-fleet Care brought smart fleet driver management software. The app allows users to monitor fleet drivers and track their behavior in real-time. If the driver makes an unsafe or unwelcomed move, the software reports the actions to the fleet managers right away.

E-fleet Care: Smart Fleet Driver Management Software

The system relies on the Global Position System (GPS). To track the vehicle and ultimately the vehicle driver, a GPS tracker is provided on the vehicle. The tracker takes notes of the vehicle position in real-time and sends the information in our cloud-based storage platform. And by making use of E-fleet Care’s smart fleet driver management software, fleet managers and vehicle owners can keep an eye on their vehicles.

E-fleet Care presents itself as an all-encompassing driver fleet management solution. So to make things simpler for you, we brought a web-based software that can run on smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can lie in your most comfortable position and keep an eye on the drivers 24/7.

Fleet Driver Tracking and Monitoring in Real-time

With a GPS tracker on the board, the device always monitors the footsteps of the vehicle. It carefully notes the vehicle’s position in real-time, from where the journey started, where the automobile is heading, where it stopped, and for how long, etc. Apart from that, the software also carefully takes notes of fleet driver’s behavior. The app registers unsafe and inefficient riding habits like over speeding, harsh braking, cornering, over idling, etc. These kinds of habits not cause wear and tear of the auto parts but also put the vehicle and driver’s life in danger.

Even a minor accident can cost an organization hundreds of dollars if not thousands to bring it back to a good working condition. Driver’s treatment and insurance can further increase the expenses. And that, followed by the system downtime can dearly cost the organization. But our fleet driver monitoring software will help you avoid these kinds of situations.

By carefully monitoring employees’ riding habits, fleet managers help them correct the unsafe and inefficient ones. That’s not all, the software also alerts fleet managers, owners, and drivers if there is any abnormal situation. Furthermore, by integrating fuel cards, fleet managers can monitor fuel levels 24/7 and can prevent any theft or misuse.

The best app for tracking teenage drivers

Because of these kinds of tracking abilities, the application of the software is boundless. You can employ this software in the truck driver tracking system and delivery driver tracking system. In addition to that, you can employ this software tool to monitor teenage driving habits and coach them.

What children learn at their young age tends to follow the habits till the end of their life. Likewise, drivers develop a habit of driving taking notes of the things taught by the trainers in their teenage. So to help teenagers develop proper and safe driving habits, good coaching is essential. And the trainers can coach them by making use of our software.

Monitoring the habits like slow speed, over speeding, harsh braking, cornering, and taking special actions against it helps them correct their habits. It not just prevents the vehicles from rapid wearing, tearing, and damages of the parts but also helps to prevent accidents.

How to track your fleet drivers

With tracking device and E-fleet Care’s software installed, tracking your fleet drivers is easy as a pie. The tracking device continuously uploads the location information in our cloud storage. The data remains safely stored in our cloud storage platform. And using our software, you can monitor the driver’s status every time and everywhere. To make tracking and monitoring easier, we have developed an app for all kinds of web-enabled devices. You can monitor it from your smartphones, tablets, and computers in real-time.

Apart from tracking the driver’s location, you can also monitor driver’s behavior. You can take give feedback and take actions against unsafe habits to ensure vehicle and fleet driver safety. Continuously observing the drivers’ behavior and giving necessary feedbacks to them also helps to be more productive, which ultimately helps to increase system efficiency and profitability.


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