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When the cat’s away, the mice will play. In a fleet, if management leaves the drivers free and unmonitored, the drivers can get out of hand. When the fleet drivers are justifyungoverned, the system can run into anarchy in no time. It not just puts vehicle and driver’s safety in jeopardy but also affects the quality of service. Occasional fleet driver safety training may do some tricks to reduce safety concerns. But one can barely rely on it fully. Apart from safety, there will always be concerns about fuel theft and misuse of vehicles. In the agreement between the fleet driver and fleet owner, there can be numerous clauses on this topic but you cannot be entirely sure if it’s being followed unless you have a proper driver behavior monitoring system. So for a proper fleet driver behavior analysis and fleet driver management, we introduced E-fleet Care.

E-fleet Care: A reliable fleet driver management software

Compared to other means of transport, road transportation has the highest mortality rate. Last year alone, there were 1,187 road deaths in Australia. The stat of injuries, damages, and fatalities is much worse than that.

If a vehicle runs into an accident, it costs hundreds of dollars if not thousands in repairs, increased insurance premiums, and downtime. If the driver is hurt, it further increases the expenses. In a fleet, where the number of vehicles is huge, these kinds of expenses can get pretty high if there is no proper fleet driver management system.

Furthermore, when drivers of left unmonitored, there may the chances of misuse of the vehicle and fuel theft. So the fleet management department should keep a careful eye on these kinds of things.

For all these matters, there will be direct or indirect participation of the drivers. So by properly monitoring fleet driver behavior and by taking suitable actions after learning the behavior, you can avoid most of the aforementioned concerning situations.

However, keeping a close eye on the drivers all the time can be a strenuous task. And that’s more so in a big fleet. It’s not time-saving or cost-effective either. So to help you establish a proper fleet management system and to provide a unified solution to all the aforementioned problems, E-fleet Care is here for you. That’s why it’s growing as a reliable fleet driver management software.

How does E-fleet Care’s fleet driver behavior monitoring system work?

The work of E-fleet Care is based on vehicle GPS tracking. It tracks and locates the vehicle 24/7 in real-time. It keeps an eye and records the place and time of the start of the journey, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, sharp cornering, where the vehicle stop, and for how long, etc. All this information is stored in the cloud. So not only in real-time, you can get the past few months of vehicle information as well.

With all these data in hand, driver behavior can be found out. And from this, the fleet management department can provide feedbacks and suitable suggestions to the drivers to improve their unsafe and unhealthy driving habits. This way, our fleet driver management software contributes to a reduction in the number of accidents. By avoiding over idling and over speeding, drivers can contribute to improved customer service, higher system efficiency, and risk reduction. Not to mention, it helps to avoid unnecessary wear and tears on the vehicles.

Apart from that, E-fleet Care suggests a suitable and optimized route to reach a destination. It considers several factors like distance, traffic condition, etc. By traveling the optimized route, the drive can contribute to fuel efficiency and save some time.

With an integrated fuel card system, E-fleet can track fuel draining and refueling of the vehicles. It also tracks the fuel level at all times. The app also sends notifications if it notices any abnormal situation. With this, the fleet management department can detect and prevent fuel theft or any misuse of the vehicle. Since fuel contributes to a major operating cost in the fleet, careful monitoring of these data can decrease the running cost of the organization and increase efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of behavior analysis in the fleet driver management system

A well-management fleet system with driver behavior analysis indeed consists of driver safety reporting. Taking actions against unhealthy and unsafe driving behavior helps to reduce the number of accidents. This way reliability of people on the service increases and company goodwill can peak. If vehicles frequently run into accidents, it badly affects the company’s reputation. This being the most important of all, E-fleet Care offers the following other benefits:

  • Fewer chances of accidents
  • Vehicle safety and driver’s security
  • By preventing over idling, it saves time
  • By preventing misuse of the vehicle and fuel theft, it tries to establish an efficient fuel management system
  • With fewer accidents and fewer vehicle damages, it helps to reduce repair and maintenance cost
  • Keeping over speed, harsh braking, and sharp controlling, wear and tear of the vehicles’ parts can be avoid be avoided

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