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Safety and Security

Safety and Security Solutions In Fleet Management System

Crimes rates and vandalism are increasing every day and security service providers are busier than ever. Whether it is through on-foot patrolling or a vehicle, security guards and armed forces are important assets in creating and maintaining peace. But even after deploying such trained and disciplined forces, sometimes security companies fail to prevent vehicle misuse and other mishaps. Having all those vehicles working actively 24*7 makes it harder for companies to keep track of the location and status of their vehicle. This is when an effective fleet management system like Efleet Care comes into action.

Keeping track of their fleet makes it easier for security services to provide efficient and on-time protection to their clients. For this purpose, Efleet Care provides sophisticated trackers and sensors which update to a cloud-based system in real-time. Managers can use this data to take necessary actions accordingly like dispatching the nearest vehicle for the prevention of terrorism and vandalism. Since security vehicles are constantly on the run, it is crucial to maintain them to prevent any kind of sudden downtime. Maintaining the fleet regularly and servicing them on time reduces the company’s expenses as it minimizes the risk of emergency repair which tends to be costly. Efleet Care can help you with all this and even more.




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