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Agriculture Fleet Management System

In agriculture, fleet management is fundamental for resource allocation, scheduling, routing, and real-time monitoring of vehicles and materials. Fleet management systems, for decision support, are used to enhance scheduling, routing, and other operational steps for a fleet of agricultural machines. More and more agriculturists are now seeing dramatic increases in efficiency, productivity, and earnings potential in their fleet through the implementation of a fleet management system. Efleet Care is one such fleet management system that makes things easier for you.

With Efleet Care, managing your agricultural fleet is easier than ever. Cloud-based software, trackers, and sensors give you real-time and historical data for each piece of equipment. Fleet managers can track tasks as they are completed, monitor critical equipment data at any time, and review productivity with real-time reporting. Managers can even set alerts based on speed and location, ensuring operational efficiency. It is fair to say that Efleet Care blends technology and agriculture for a better harvest. The primary goal of EFleet care’s fleet management system is to help you achieve fleetwide cost savings and devise streamlined planning.

Combining GPS, cellular technology, and web-based software, Efleet Care delivers results you may not have thought possible.


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