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Energy, like the Biblical grain of mustard seed, will move mountains. As Hosea Ballou said, all it takes is energy to do the works of any kind; be it a moving mountain or running a vehicle. In vehicles, this energy is supplied by fuels. Depending on their type, vehicles either consume petrol, diesel, or electricity to keep its engine running. Fuel also constitutes the major expense while operating a vehicle. That is more so in the case of the fleet. Improper fuel management of fleet can skyrocket your expenses in no time. The efficiency of the fleet and the whole system mainly relies on fuel consumption patterns. And for better monitoring and efficient management of fuel in a fleet, we introduced E-fleet Care, a smart fleet fuel management software.

E-fleet Care – A Smart Fleet Fuel Management Software

Without proper management, it doesn’t take much time for a system to run into chaos. Likewise, in a fleet, if there is not a proper fuel management system for cars and all the other vehicles, there will a haphazard use of the vehicle. Employees can use the vehicle for unauthorized purposes. Some dishonest employees can even take fuel out of the vehicles for their personal benefits. If these kinds of actions are left unmonitored and if no actions are taken against it, the company can collapse in no time. But E-fleet Care offers simple, effective, and reliable solutions to all the aforementioned problems. This software will aid in efficient fleet fuel management in the following ways.

Vehicle GPS Tracking

E-fleet Care is a fleet monitoring system based on vehicle GPS tracking. It helps you locate the vehicle in real-time, keep track of all of its movements, place and time of the start of the journey, where the car stopped and for how long, acceleration, harsh braking, etc. Taking note of these driver’s behaviors, the fleet management department can provide necessary feedback to the drivers to encourage a smooth and careful ride. This can help in increasing the vehicles’ mileage, which ultimately saves fuel and fuel costs.

Optimized Driving Routes

Between the place of origin and the place of destination, there can be several routes. Among all the possible routes, E-fleet Care can help you decide the best and optimized route to take a ride. And to make this decision, the software takes several factors like distance, road condition, traffic, etc. into consideration. This way, the software prevents you from taking unnecessary detours. In the ride-sharing and product delivery services, this feature can be used to locate the closest driver to a delivery location.

Fuel Cards Integration

If you set up a complete system by integrating it with fuel cards, you will get a more efficient fuel management system. With systems integrated with fuel cards, you can check fuel purchases in real-time, prevent misuse of fuel cards, eliminate fuel theft, and get comprehensive fuel consumption data. If there is any abnormal situation, E-fleet Care can alert you with notifications via SMS, email, or App. You will receive these kinds of notifications even when the vehicles are re-fueled or if there is fuel exhaustion.

Crosschecking the fuel data with driver’s behavior, you can more insightful data. With all these data at your disposal, you can take needful actions, set targets for fuel consumption, and train the drivers for eco-driving. This way, you can achieve a responsible and safe fleet and simultaneously boosting your fuel economy.

Benefits of using E-fleet Care’s Fuel Management System

When it comes to fuel management, E-fleet Care offers plenty of benefits. It essentially provides you all the necessary information to identify fuel consumption patterns and efficient fuel management. As fuel management software, E-fleet Care packs the following features:

  • Provides fuel level and consumption information
  • Offers fuel tank control
  • Fuel theft protection and misuse of fuel
  • Finds optimized routes to ensure efficient rides
  • Tracks and analyses driver behavior
  • Provides reports, analytics, and notifications

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