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Cargo delivery systems usually have lots of vehicles in their arsenal. So manually tracking and keeping eyes on each vehicle can be really cumbersome. Furthermore, keeping tracking of each vehicle and constantly monitoring them is an effortful task and requires a big amount of workforce. If the manual and paper-based management system is used in these kinds of services, errors and discrepancies are inevitable. So to ensure an efficient cargo and logistics management, E-fleet Care has brought a smart cargo management device. Paired with the cargo logistics management software, the device can help cargo managers to track and monitor the cargo vehicles. This makes it easier for them for planning, scheduling, and dividing tasks among all the available vehicles.

E-fleet Care’s cargo management device

Cargo management is the function that oversees, coordinates, and facilitates the transportation or delivery of goods from one place to another. Cargo and carrier services usually have a substantial number of goods and products to deliver. To maintain delivery on time with optimum reliability, such services have a pack of vehicles at their disposal.

For proper and efficient management, such a cargo system essentially requires division of goods or products to deliver for each vehicle, selection of the best route for transport and delivery, and timely coordination with the management staff. The management staff also has the responsibility of monitoring the vehicles’ status and keeping track of delivery/transport of goods. Manually performing these entire tasks can be prone to errors. It won’t be reliable either since the management staff has to entirely rely on the words of delivery drivers, which may not always be true.

To establish a reliable system that delivers maximum efficiency and optimum profits, E-fleet Care has brought a cargo management device. With this cargo tracking device on the board, fleet managers can always keep an eye on their vehicles and monitor every move the vehicle makes.

Cargo Logistics Management Software

The device tracks the vehicle’s status 24/7. But to monitor its move remotely and precisely, fleet managers require cargo logistics management software. With cargo tracking software and device aboard, users can watch over your vehicle in real-time without any hassles. And this allows the management team to coordinate with the drivers to transport and deliver goods and products efficiently in a maximum quantity.

Benefits of cargo and logistics management system

Apart from facilitating easy and remote supervising of the vehicle and its drivers, there is plenty of other benefits cargo transport and freight management system has to offer. And some of them can be enlisted as follows.

Full asset visibility

The freight management system indeed makes tracking of vehicles and drivers easier. But if a single system can only look after a single-vehicle at a time, it can require huge resources and manpower to watch over all of them. Coordinating with them can also become challenging. But E-fleet Care will assist you in watching over all the vehicles from a single software. And you can monitor the activities remotely from your smartphone, tablet/iPad, or computers. We have the software and mobile apps for all kinds of Operating Systems. As we ensure full asset visibility regardless of the number of cargo vehicles, tracking and coordinating between them can be really hassle-free.

Reduced Downtime

Cargo vehicle inspection and maintenance can be really easy with E-fleet Care installed in the system. So there will be fewer chances of unexpected failures. But even in the case of failure, fleet managers can determine which vehicles are free and which one can take over the job allotted to the failed vehicle. This way, managers can reduce system downtime.

Increased fuel efficiency

No vehicle can run without fuel. Be it gasoline or electricity, vehicles need fuel to take the ride. Fuel also contributes to the major expenses in the freight system. So in order to increase fuel efficiency and reduce travel time, E-fleet Care helps you find an optimized route. The system analyzes all the possible routes to deliver/transport the products and picks one with the shortest distance, less traffic, good road condition, etc.

Furthermore, by integrating fuel cards on the system, management can also track the fuel level of the vehicle in real-time. The software also notifies fleet managers about the abnormal reduction in fuel level. This way, there will be lesser chances of fuel thefts. Moreover, by continuously keeping track of the vehicle even in non-working hours, the software helps you find out if the vehicle had been misused. This way, fleet managers can lower fuel expenses to a great extent.

Increased System efficiency

With a lower workforce, reduced downtime, and with a reduction in fuel costs, E-fleet Care ensures system efficiency. But that’s not all. The software also encompasses the temperature monitoring feature, which helps you check the temperature of the goods and products inside it. And this feature can be handy if the vehicle is transporting temperature-sensitive devices, which are prone to spoilage. Every year, cargo companies spend hefty money as compensation for spoiled goods and products. With real-time temperature monitoring, this kind of expense can be reduced greatly. And this ultimately helps to increase system efficiency. This also helps to increase the company’s profits.


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