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Delivery Driver Tracking Software is tracking software that is mostly utilized for tracking vehicle, fleet, or driver locations. The driver tracking software employs geocoding technology and GPS tracking appliances to get and access the test-based and map-based data in real-time.

It also helps in conveying the test-based data in map coordinates that can be visible through its interface in real-time.

Delivery Driver Tracking Software

Unlike other common telematics systems, to make Delivery Driver Tracking Software work, you don’t need any specific device because it can connect automatically to various devices like GPS tracking devices or android phones and also telematics systems.

That’s why it’s difficult to track several complicated applications such as fleet management software or delivery management software. So, today, in this blog post, we will talk about Delivery Driver Management Software, its uses, benefits, and importance.

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What is Delivery Driver Tracking Software?

Delivery Driver tracking software is a kind of digital software that facilitates you to receive and explicate data from several mediums like tracking apps or hardware trackers such as GPS and telematics devices.

It’s a kind of digital solution that facilitates connecting to these different gadgets utilizing several mobile networks. Once the system gets connected, it then interprets the data collected to reveal the exact location of the device on a virtual map through its dashboard interface.

Using Delivery Driver Tracking Software, dispatchers and logistics managers can easily get information about their driver’s locations. They can also see the routes, their drivers are following and their exact location as the software reveals the data in real-time.

Using mobile data networks, the delivery driver tracking software connects up to different devices and collects data in real-time. Some of the most important information, this software collects is as follows:

  1. Driver IDs
  2. Location
  3. Route
  4. Stops
  5. Time per stop
  6. Arrival and departure time

Using the above-given information, the software generates other important details like:

  1. Calculates vehicle capacity and predicts the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) from its current location to its destination point.
  2. Reveals the information through the software dashboard. The dashboard consists of a control panel with a virtual map of the delivery area.
  3. The virtual map comes with color-coded lining features that help to map out the routes and pin to mark the drivers with different colors.
  4. Shows the driver’s delivery status and facilitates dispatchers to determine whether the driver is on-time.
  5. Facilitates access to a comprehensive list of key metrics in delivery logistics.
  6. Displays the key metrics such as vehicle utilization, order accuracy, and delivery success rates.

Uses of Delivery Driver Tracking Software

Is it possible to track the status of my drivers? Yes, it is. If you want to track your delivery drivers, you have to use robust software. It’s not that easy to track drivers using a modest fleet. There are several benefits of using Delivery Driver tracking software. We will discuss a few:

1. Plans better schedules using the real-time interface

The management of modest fleets is very complicated without the information of your drivers at a stipulated time. It helps to plan better schedules for drivers and fit new orders as soon as they arrive. Without the location of your drivers, it is very difficult to schedule other orders.

2. Predict when the driver will be available at the depot

Using this software, you can get visible information about your driver’s locations and use this information to fit into new deliveries and increase the capacity of your fleet.

3. Improves the Performance of your Drivers

If you want to know about your driver’s performance, then this software would be a great choice for you. It is important to know what routes your drivers follow, their scheduled orders, following instructions or not. It’s very essential to have control over your drivers and monitor their performance time-to-time.

Delivery Driver tracking software facilitates you to monitor the performance of your drivers and their driving habits. This can assist you to keep control over your fleet and improve driver habits on the road.

4. Helps to maintain the safety of drivers on the road

If the drivers understand that our managers are tracking driver behavior, then they will be more careful and try to drive more safely and responsibly. This helps to maintain the safety of drivers on the road. If something goes wrong, the dispatchers and logistics managers can come for help.

Benefits of using Delivery Driver Tracking Software

This software helps to anticipate the live estimated time of arrival (ETAs) for all scheduled deliveries or services. Using this information, fleet managers can quickly identify the cause of late deliveries. The fleet managers and dispatchers can inform the customers, identify the route, and if necessary reschedule the delivery.

This delivery driver tracking software also facilitates you to deal with route planning and route optimization works. Due to this facility, a fleet manager can change the route, create new routes, and adjust or optimize them in real-time data.

This software helps to keep an eye on the delivery status and you can also use this software to track real-time orders and also facilitates the customers to track their orders. This software comes with Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that facilitate you to measure productivity across the entire fleet.

The Final Wrap up

By using delivery driver tracking software, you can track down the driver with a specific customer order and send a tracking link to the concerned customer. The customer can then track down where his package is at every step of the delivery journey.

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